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HANA developed SAP HANA System Replication is used in most of the SAP HANA implmentation for HA or DR scnearios. com. Usually system replication is used to support high availabilty and disaster recovery. com 2. Part of HANA's continuous operations objective is to provide a built-in support for Disaster Recovery (DR) scenario using HANA System Replication (SR). 176 Storage Configuration Best Practices for SAP HANA TDI on Dell EMC VMAX . Hyperconverge the complete IT stack and manage compute, storage stack compute, storage, and networking all from a single, familiar vSphere management console. SAP HANA System Replication is a reliable high availability and disaster recovery solution that provides continuous synchronization of a HANA database to a secondary location either in the same data center or remote site. 40 SAP News Center - A 14-node system from Amazon Web Services (AWS) sets the record for SAP HANA scale-out in the cloud, validating it as an ideal solution for customers to cost-effectively consume SAP HANA. View the Filtering pane for options. Werner Hopf, CEO and President of Dolphin. Start / Stop of EC2 instances running SAP HANA Hosts . com Markus Guertler, SUSE Senior Architect SAP Linux Lab mguertler@suse. SAP HANA. 0 with this introductory guide. architecture and technical considerations guide | 2 architecture guidelines and best practices for deployments of sap hana on vmware vsphere table of contents First published on MSDN on Feb 10, 2018 This blog details a recent customer deployment by Cognizant SAP Cloud team on HANA Large Instances . High availability and disaster recovery (DR) are crucial aspects of running your mission-critical SAP HANA on the Azure (Large Instances) server. 31 / 7. 0 • CDS Views –New affiliate setup faster ERP6 EhP7 on HANA + SAP Simple Finance 2. . If you want, this is like “ the price” for having no manual reorganization requirement. IX. 2 SAP HANA DB Architecture The general goal of the SAP HANA DB is to provide a main-memory centric data The networking component of your hyperconverged solution shouldn’t be an afterthought, but a pre-integrated, pre-tested component. Tutorial guides you about document types and how to define Document types in SAP. Consult these Transcript. 16) Monitoring SAP HANA system landscape 17) Starting and stopping of SAP HANA systems 18) Creating database users and roles in HANA studio 19) HANA database security. The table distribution across systems and table partitioning can further add to the complexity. It then expands on the different capabilities for high availability and disaster recovery. November these, SAP provides robust native tools to set up and run SAP HANA workloads your needs, and use the technical implementation guides we've referenced to. Jun 7, 2019 SAP HANA high availability and disaster recovery planning guide SAP HANA system replication allows you to configure one or more systems  System replication is available in every SAP HANA installation offering an inherent disaster recovery support. 15 How you can setup an e-mail notification is described in the SAP HANA Admin guide in section: Configure E-Mail Notifications for Alerts. I understand that to be able to switch to the secondary site all we need to do is perform a take over and stop replication on the Primary. Define Document types :- Document types are defined at the client level so document types are apply for all company codes. ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming is an high-level programming language created by SAP . HANA SYSTEM REPLICATION / 34. SAP HANA: Analysis of HA Capabilities 1 Introduction In today’s business world, High Availability (HA) is an extremely important consideration for any enterprise-level IT architecture. 175 13. For complete SAP HANA Video training visit; http://myerp-training. Managed Cloud SAP S/4HANA hosting. Diagnostics Files for Backup and Recovery. 7 In-memory HANA data is replicated to a disaster recovery (DR) region virtual machine through an Azure high-speed backbone network and HSR in asynchronous mode. sap. SAP HANA Server only 3. Jun 26, 2019 Learn how to install Veeam Plug-in for SAP HANA and do a backup and recovery of your SAP HANA database in this step-by-step guide. SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA Quick Start deployment guide General SAP guides This section provides overviews and planning information for SAP users and partners, including general information about implementing, configuring, and operating SAP environments and solutions on the AWS Cloud, and additional reading. Practical Guide on HANA System Replication including Setup, Operations and Monitoring HANA SR/DR. Please keep in mind that parameters for memory usage of SAP HANA must be set according to the SAP HANA documentation. How To Perform System Replication for SAP HANA . SAP HANA allows the installation of a second development or test SAP HANA DB instance within one physical server. Disaster Recovery – SAP HANA. Shows step-by-step configuration for HANA studio and command line. For additional information about estimating AWS infrastructure cost for SAP solutions, see the SAP on AWS Pricing Guide. Currently, SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA is supported only in a Scale-up model. High availability for SAP HANA on GCP Explore information resources that support the different phases of SAP HANA – from planning and installation to operation and security. You can set up system replication to support geo-clustering, that is multitier system replication between a primary data center and other geographically remote data centers to form a single highly available system. To achieve high availability, SAP HANA is installed on two virtual machines. To estimate the pricing for a multi-node / scale-out SAP HANA cluster, multiply the cost of a single SAP HANA node configuration with the number of nodes required. SAP HANA scale-out and HANA HA node fail-over require that the directory /hana/shared/ must be accessible from all nodes, else this directory can be setup as local file system from type xfs. SAP HANA Server Installation Guide:. Nagesh Ramesh, Sr. Hi Experts, Landscape: \" we have one HANA XYZ(SID) instance 00 on Host1 and same XYZ(SID) instance 00 on HOST2 for DR setup\" I have perfromed recovery on Host1. SAP HANA is a combination of hardware and software, which integrates different components like SAP HANA Database, SAP SLT (System Landscape Transformation) Replication server, SAP HANA Direct Extractor connection, and Sybase replication technology. 2 Architecture . In and for any SAP Landscape the most important part is DR setup. 0 – February . Instead of responding to the inaccuracies, let me point you to a great blog SAP wrote last year that lays out the Truth (yes, capital T) about HANA’s HA/DR (and backup/restore) capabilities. As, this is a DR landscape, Do i need to perfrom the recovery on Host2 ? or once after en SAP HANA Platform: SAP HANA Server Installation and Update Guide You can choose to show or hide content in this document. 0 System Replication for High Availability and Disaster Recovery In this blog we are going to talk about the step by step procedures for SAP HANA 2. This guide provides an overview for planning for and managing high availability and disaster recovery for SAP HANA systems deployed on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by following the SAP HANA on GCP deployment guide. Pre-readingThere is enough information available which gives a good overview which this blog does not aim to replace. Fast SAP HANA Fail Over Architecture with a SUSE High Availability Cluster in the AWS Cloud Dr. I will check the SAP HANA / DR white papers regularly now – maybe they will include some more detailed information about “Best Practices and PoC values” in the near future. Since HANA is a columnar database it requires less storage to store data compared to a traditional row SAP HANA system replication provides the possibility to copy and continuously synchronize a SAP HANA database to a secondary location in the same or another data center. SAP HANA is the latest, in-memory database, and platform which can be deployed on-premises or cloud. The software allows businesses to capture and analyze information across all applications, unleashing the potential of big data. You can choose to show or hide content in this document. SETUP GUIDE 1 INTRODUCTION “SAP customers invest in SAP HANA” is the conclusion reached by a recent market study carried out by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC). Amazon Web Services – HA/DR Options for SAP HANA on AWS. Vishal Sikka, HANA stands for Hasso’s New Architecture. In the next several publications, we'll set out to cover the installation, configuration, testing, and SAP HANA monitoring in scale out, HA, DR with HANA System Replication, and Extended storage management with HANA Dynamic Tiering. High availability and disaster recovery. It's important to work with SAP, your system integrator, or Microsoft to properly architect and implement the right high-availability and disaster recovery strategies. In my opinion, the ease of configuration and the ease of getting ZERO RPO and low RTO make HANA class-leading in its HA and DR capabilities. It is the most important This guide is intended for SAP customers and partners who want to learn about the benefits and options for running SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA), on-premise edition on AWS, and who want to know how to implement and operate their SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition environment effectively on AWS. Expand your SAP HANA high availability landscape with the flexibility to deploy multi-tier system replication chains – beyond 2 secondary systems. Version: 1. Natalie Miller, Moderator: Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s Q&A on SAP archiving and data volume management best practices. This guide refers to SAP application services and databases as SAP . One of the SAP-supported databases used with such applications is the Oracle database . Use scripts (HAE) to configure HA on SAP HANA nodes, improving SAP HANA the original active node name defined when configuring the system replication. 10. You also get a deep dive into useful backup, recovery and data-protection techniques for SAP with Veeam and native tools, including: A number of custom scripts and commands using SAP BR* tools Markus Gürtler: This is a question for SAP, and it should be described in the HANA installation guide of SAP -> help. ) . Basics of SAP HANA SAP HANA is a combination of HANA Database, Data Modeling, HANA Administration and Data Provisioning in one single suite. the expected maximal data loss in a “disaster” situation SAP HANA has two types of DR setups SAP HANA System replication Software solution; not yet implemented in DT service HANA May 7 –9, 2019 Enterprise Core Transformation with SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA Terino McMullen, Sr. High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions for SAP HANA on Alibaba Cloud. This book is a hands-on guide and is targeted at technical staff who want to install SAP HANA. Stefan Schneider Partner Solutions Architect @ Amazon Webservices Transitioned to SAP S/4HANA Dr. e. High availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) Gain flexibility with the ability to copy/move tenant databases across different multi-tenant environments while system replication is still running. (SAP Configuration)  title: High availability and disaster recovery of SAP HANA on Azure (Large A dedicated DR setup is where the HANA Large Instance unit in the DR site is not used SAP HANA High Availability Whitepaper · SAP HANA Administration Guide  Oct 29, 2014 SAP HANA typical implementations today Outlook for the next 12-18 months of SAP HANA • Automate SAP HANA System Replication • Setup and . This paper briefly describes SAP HANA System Replication in a step-by-step manner to support This sample chapter covers connectivity between SAP Solution Manager and the systems it manages, including tasks performed when you remo- ve, add, or upgrade systems in your landscape. lahl@sap. 2. A very helpful SAP SCN I have a few questions related to the HANA DR setup. This Quick Start reference deployment guide provides detailed instructions for deploying SAP HANA on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud by using AWS CloudFormation templates. In this blog, is more for the technology consultants, a bit inclined to technical people. We discuss how we address challenges on transactional workloads in enterprise resource planning systems in section 5 and summarize our work on the SAP HANA DB in section 6. SAP HANA persistence (data and log) The SAP HANA in-memory database requires disk storage for the following purposes: Data To maintain the persistence of the in-memory data on disk so as to prevent a data loss resulting from a power outage • SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration Frequently Asked Questions • SAP HANA Storage Requirements . SAP Web IDE, built on top of SAP Cloud Platform, enables you to create a web-based or mobile-based UI design efficiently. SAP HANA hosts are connected to storage controllers by using a redundant 10GbE or faster network infrastructure. In this updated and expanded practical guide, explore prepackaged integration landscape administration perspective. Backing Up the SAP HANA Database. Demo video links will be provided that showcase the configurations and setup required for operations in a data center environment. . The solution has been validated by SAP and is listed in SAP note 1755396, “Released DT solutions for SAP HANA with disk replication. Can data and log backups run in parallel? If the auto log backup parameter is set, log backups started Do You Need To Use A Guide? An SAP Implementation Guide is an optional, but recommended deliverable in an SAP implementation. SAP Web IDE includes many features designed to simplify app development, such as templates and wizards, code completion, WYSIWYG editors, API reference support, app preview for any screen size, Git integration and mock data. This guide is maintained and updated by SAP on a release Area Task Hardware vendor Customer SAP Hardware installation and health check x Linux OS installation x In addition to the preceding requirements for a disaster recovery setup with HANA Large Instances, you must: Order SAP HANA on Azure (Large Instances) SKUs of the same size as your production SKUs and deploy them in the disaster recovery region. are done every hour by default In the first version, those checks: generate alerts (visible in SAP HANA studio as internal event and the system view M_EVENTS)15. When using a SAP HANA DB instance in system replication mode with a second non-productive SAP HANA DB instance on the secondary (fail over) node, this is defined as a cost optimized scenario for SAP HANA replication. In Germany alone, half of the companies How to Perform System Replication for SAP HANA Provides an overview and reference to various documents. 8 . According to former SAP executive, Dr. The core determination factors are as follows: RPO: Used to determine the data loss volume. Then, step into key SAP HANA user roles and discover core capabilities … More about the book To maximize throughput efficiency and takeover performance, a “hot standby” continuous log replay setup can be used. The solution enables customers to use Dell EMC Unity for SAP HANA i About the Tutorial SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that is deployable as an on-premise appliance, or in the cloud. 0. 0 DR Setup, Installation BASIS Forum STORAGE CONFIGURATION BEST PRACTICES FOR SAP HANA TDI ON DELL EMC UNITY STORAGE SYSTEMS August 2017 ABSTRACT This solution guide describes storage best practices for SAP HANA in Tailored Data Center (TDI) deployments on Dell EMC Unity-certified enterprise storage family systems. So won't be talking any thing on installing SAP HANA systems. You can use below tool to configure the HANA System replication: The SAP HANA System Replication and SUSE Linux HA Extension technologies make it extremely easy to setup and configure and manage. file system with HANA ini files and protect your operation system for DR preparation. The disaster recovery VM can be smaller than the production VM to save costs. Install and Configuration / 35. 15) Experienced in SAP HANA Database installations, BW on HANA installation and implementations. 6 HANA System Replication with or Without Data Preload . The Blog is titled: The Truth about SAP HANA and HA/DR, and you can find the blog post below. Optional: HA, DR, and Backup considerations 4 Requirements Before starting to deploy a SAP HANA TDI, ensure that the following key items have are in place: A SAN environment is required to attach IBM System Storage through fiber Through the introduction of practical, user-desired features incorporated by SAP, Always-On HADR continues to be a cost-effective, reliable, robust solution for many clients planning or upgrading an OLTP, HA, or DR environment. In SAP HANA, HANA stands for High-Performance Analytic Appliance. Director, Enterprise Applications, CSL Behring • HANA 2. SAP HANA is an innovative in-memory computing platform available to power SAP Business One. DR is based on online backup of Primary site restored to DR site. SAP HANA System Replication setup uses a dedicated virtual hostname and virtual IP addresses. Solution Guide. Replication modes; Operation modes; Replication Settings 4 SAP HANA Disaster Recovery using Snap Creator and SnapMirror 1 Solution Overview This technical report covers the setup of a disaster recovery solution for SAP HANA based on asynchronous storage replication. 1 Disaster recovery: SAP HANA Systems Replication . Abstract: SAP Customers may wish to utilize certain SAP S/4HANA innovations without disturbing their current system and without converting their entire systems to SAP S/4HANA. com/sap-hana-video-training/ SAP HANA Server Installation SAP HANA Server SAP HANA Installa SAP HANA DB accelerates traditional data warehouse workloads. bore-wuesthof@sap. From an architecture perspective of HANA Large Instances, the usage of HANA System Replication as disaster recovery functionality between two HANA Large Instance units in two different Azure regions does not work. SAP ASE Always-On HADR option Dobler Consulting has performed extensive evaluation and testing on the SAP Always-On Connect your cloud and on-premise applications! This comprehensive guide to SAP Cloud Platform Integration will teach you how to integrate processes and data in your system by developing and configuring integration flows. System replication overview. Amazon Web Services – HA/DR Options for SAP HANA on AWS November 2015 Page 9 of 23 you configure SAP HANA services to start up automatically after a system restart for a fully automated recovery. for high availability and disaster recovery of SAP HANA systems running on HANA on AWS Operations Guide » High Availability and Disaster Recovery  Sep 9, 2018 SAP HANA Large Instances high availability and disaster recovery on Azure A multipurpose DR setup is where the HANA Large Instance unit on the SAP HANA Administration Guide · SAP HANA Academy Video on SAP  Jun 27, 2013 SAP provides lots of sources for information on HANA. Provides an overview and reference to various documents. Comment From Bethany: How do I make SAP S/4HANA highly available using SUSE’s high availability (HA)/disaster recovery (DR) technologies, which are built into the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications? Rubrik has the resources to modernize your data center. com/sap-hana-video-training/ RDBMS: SAP HANA 1. Dear All, Hello I am trying to install SAP DR for SAP ECC 6. It doesn’t have to be a big document. On-Premise SAP S/4HANA hosting gives the organization physical control on their server hardware. 0 System Replication setup for HA/DR. 3 Install SAP HANA productive database on node 2 The installation of the SAP HANA secondary system on node 2 is done in the same way as on node1, but some post-installation tasks need to be done. 3 Configure Disaster Recovery for SAP HANA Data Volume . (SAP CRM, SAP BI, SAP PO, SAP MOBILE, HANA etc . 2014 o User Guide: Managing HP ServiceGuard Extensions for SAP for  Guide. HANA System Replication HANA System Replication (HSR) is a high availability and disaster recovery solution provided by SAP. The data is replicated by using HANA System Replication. 0 Technology platform release: SAP NetWeaver 7. Learn how Veeam Availability Suite combines Veeam and SAP tools to achieve high Availability levels and enhanced capabilities. SAP HANA Disaster Recovery using System Replication – Multiple Regions . Thanks again for your SAP S4HANA 1809 Complete Guide In this blog we are going to talk about the Restrictions in S4HANA 1809 and End to End Installation o SAP S4HANA 1809 Complete Guide In this blog we are going to talk about the Restrictions in S4HANA 1809 and End to End Installation of SAP S4HANA 1809 and Fiori Setup . Sizing . Before you deploy SAP HANA on AWS, please review the following sections for guidelines on instance types, storage, memory sizing, operating system choices, and Multi-AZ deployments. 4. • Hybrid Hosting for SAP HANA (Cloud, Dedicated) • Managed Services –SAP HANA • HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) • The SAP and Red Hat partnership dates back to 1999. SAP on VMware Availability and Disaster Recovery Guide • Replicated Enqueue – This component consists of the standalone enqueue server and an enqueue replication server. High availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) are sets of techniques, engineering practices 13. A new Whitepaper has been written to guide SAP customers through the deployment of Azure Site Recovery for SAP solutions SAP S/4 HANA Central Finance (CFIN) – Basic Setup and Configuration. There is no disaster recovery with RPO=0 for DT in SPS 09 This applies to the entire HANA system, if DT is enabled What is RPO = 0? Recovery Point Objective, i. ” S/4 HANA Journey 2011 - 2015 SAP HANA System Replication SUSE Linux Disaster Recovery Solution for SAP HANA Customer examples This blog details a recent customer deployment by Cognizant SAP Cloud team on HANA Large Instances. It lets people know what’s expected of them, role by role. sap-on-aws@amazon. • Running SAP Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning (TPM) – Powered by SAP HANA • By using SAP HANA on AWS, Kellogg estimates it will save $900,000 over 5 years versus traditional on-premises infrastructure alternatives • Increased business agility: Company can run dozens of trade spend simulations each day, and decreases and disaster recovery are the building blocks to support this. Source and Destination Database Preparation. Created by: Amazon Web Services, Inc. SAP HANA Backup and Recovery with SnapCenter installation and configuration guide. Get forward-thinking case studies, data sheets, webinars, white papers, & from our resource section. The high-level guide sets out the basic goals of the implementation. PurposeThis blog will focus on practical aspects of the take-over process of SAP HANA System Replication (HSR). Helping companies solve data,reporting,latency challenges and unleash their potential with a real time platform. SAP HANA Vora makes available OLAP-style capabilities on Hadoop, provides deeper integration with SAP HANA, enabling high-performance enterprise analytics, and delivers contextual insights by combining corporate data in SAP HANA with big data stored in Hadoop systems. This is almost always a manual process, because you don't want to trigger SAP HANA HA is awesome and super-easy to configure. SAP HANA 2. I’m Natalie Miller, features editor of SAPinsider and insiderPROFILES, and I’m thrilled to introduce today’s panelist, Dr. o High Availability and Disaster Recovery o Sizing and Architecture o Business Objects o SAP HANA o SAP ASE o SAP on Oracle o SAP on SQL Server o SAP on IBM DB2 o Operations Management and Automation o Backup Some of the topics, such as SAP HANA, have separate white papers dedicated to them. Disaster Recovery for SAP HANA with SUSE Linux Dan Lahl, SAP VP Database Products Dan. It is a platform that’s best suited for performing real-time analytics, and developing and deploying real-time applications. View the Filtering options in the Menu. Planning the Deployment. Program Manager, SCE Ram Battula, Principal Technology Architect, Infosys What is openSAP? openSAP successfully helps to enable the SAP Ecosystem to upskill from anywhere in the world, at a time that suits your schedule. Enter the fast-paced world of SAP HANA 2. How To Perform System Replication for SAP HANA. SAP Note 1642148 - FAQ: SAP HANA Database Backup & Recovery No. Data communication between SAP HANA hosts and storage controllers is based on the NFS protocol. Install and configure the SAP HANA software XI. 6 In-memory data of SAP HANA is persisted to high-performance Azure Premium Storage. Here is the simple guide to help you choose the right path based on your organization’s unique needs. Is there any proved (video) HA and DR configuration of HANA appliance,  Oct 20, 2015 Learn how SAP HANA supports true HA and DR in the most demanding environments. 1. SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that is deployable as an on-premises appliance, or in the cloud. SAP solutions from Hitachi provide enterprise data protection for SAP HANA platform and help in running business-critical sap applications with confidence to transform your business. SAP HANA and SUSE screen captures that are used in this publication belong to their respective owners. It is designed for handling big data. You’ll also find documentation to help you take full advantage of the platform’s core capabilities and advanced features, including app development, system administration, and modeling. On Azure, a load balancer is required to use a virtual IP address. SAP HANA is offered on AWS in both single node and multi-node configurations with a total of 244, 488, 732, 976, and 1220 GiB RAM. Among other features, SAP HANA provides the possibility to replicate your SAP HANA system within the same or over two data centers. We recommend it for all of our clients. Upon the initial data load on the secondary system, the log is then transferred in a steady stream from the primary to the secondary server, where it is further replayed (redo) in the secondary SAP HANA system. Begin with an exploration of the technological backbone of SAP HANA as a database and platform. Azure Site Recovery has been tested and integrated with SAP applications and exceeds the capabilities of most on-premises Disaster Recovery solutions and does so at a lower TCO than competing solutions. 20) Experienced in using various HANA database tools like HANA studio, HLM, HDMLCM This book is a hands-on guide and is targeted at technical staff who want to install SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems, and also use SAP HANA and IBM Power Systems HA solutions. Supports SAP HANA Platform Edition 1 SPS 9–12 and SAP HANA Platform Edition 2 SPS 0–4. To offer higher levels of availability you can link together multiple systems in a SAP HANA multitier system replication landscape. The replicated enqueue server runs on another host and contains a replica of the lock table (replication table). SAP HANA Platform: HEC, HPC, etc. A SAP HANA database data backup saves the data area only. You need to select a high-availability and disaster recovery solution for your SAP HANA system on Alibaba Cloud based on your business scenarios and importance. Restore / 34. 9 . Backup / 33. In the current customer deployments, these instances are used to run non-production HANA instances. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Applications was launched in 2007 and in 2014 RHEL for SAP HANA was introduced with certified configurations from the leading hardware vendors. In this particular blog, I’m discussing on different methods via which one can setup DR for HANA. 0 SPS 03 *  information contact: mechthild. This guide is not intended to replace the standard SAP documentation. For us it is pretty fine to do it that way, but SAP is currently announcing SAP HANA as “mission critical ready” and not in one year or so. SAP HANA Administration Guide. It is a revolutionary platform, which is best suited for performing real-time Disaster Recovery for SAP HANA with SUSE Linux 1. Learn it by implementing real time use cases, get started with the new and exciting world of real time reporting, analytic's and big data. In our landscape the HANA Primary and Secondary instance was not installed using any Virtual hostname. I have installed three HANA instances with same SID and instance number. 0 What Which Service is available Upgrade and migration RDS Migration of SAP BS to HANA using a two step approach for upgrade an migration Upgrade and migration in one step RDS Migration of SAP BS to HANA with a one step approach upgrade + migration (DMO) For complete SAP HANA Video training visit; http://myerp-training. 3. On-Premise SAP S/4HANA hosting vs. The course starts with a general overview of SAP HANA platform HA/DR features. For example, for system administration you should leverage SAP’s HANA Administration guide that can be downloaded on help. Our Enterprise MOOCs leverage tried and trusted classroom concepts, including gamification, and discussion forums to interact with peers and experts, in an online delivery format. Setup NFS services for the SAP HANA shared directory X. For details on installing an SAP HANA database for SAP HANA Scale-up or SAP HANA Scale-out, see the SAP HANA Deployment Guide. After an initial data backup, the log area is automatically saved in log backups regularly. SAP HANA is a combination of HANA Database, Data Modeling, HANA Administration and Data Provisioning in one single suite. Primary site is in HA mode with DB and CI as MSCS nodes and two addi, SAP ECC 6. Feb 21, 2017 SAP HANA System Replication is a reliable high availability and able to take over without even performing a HANA DB (re)start and will work  Apr 1, 2018 1. Background SAP HANA is a game changing and best selling product in the history of SAP. sap hana dr setup guide

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